TAREELKA - Fundraising Culinary Adventure into Ukrainian Cuisine

By RE:Ukraine (other events)

Thursday, December 4 2014 6:30 PM 9:30 PM

TAREELKA Fundraising culinary adventure on Dec 4 is already sold out! BUT additional tickets might be available on Monday, Nov 17th, after confirmation of all offline reservations.

Please send an email to [email protected] and RE:Ukraine Initiative team will contact you as soon as additional tickets arrive.

Thank you for you generous support. 
Razom syla!


On the December 4th , we are organizing a charitable dinner, that would feature some of the most popular Ukrainian Cuisine dishes in the Fine Dining interpretation. 

Anne Yarymowych, chef of the AGO restaurant FRANK, is our chef for the event, she has created a menu and will lead a culinary team during the event.

The goal of this dinner is not only to share better samples of Ukrainian cuisine and culture with general Toronto public, but also to raise funds for the Isaev family.

Story of Isaev family is rather unique for Ukrainian society. Despite all the economic hardship, that people face in modern Ukraine, Isaev family has adopted 9 kids, and all of them are HIV positive. Never minding a strong social stigma that surrounds HIV positive people in Ukrainian community, Isaev's are supporting their kids, proving that all their kids deserve and in fact can obtain a real family.

Recent military conflict has added to many already existing hardships of this family. As the result of the war, Isaev had to leave Southern Ukraine, and are now seeking refuge in the central part of the country, in Kyiv region.

We strongly believe that helping this family, can not only alleviate their existing and immediate financial hardships, but also attribute to building a new country, where kids are not stigmatized due to special medical conditions, and everyone has a right for fair unbiased treatment and family love.